QUESTION: Directing your attention to Peoples 2 for identification, do you know who is shown in this photograph? ANSWER: I know their name by Tom and Dave. For his services he was paid $35 weekly and his responsibilities included caring for Altobelli's three dogs: two poodles and a Weimaraner. The larger dog. "That's what Bill was going to be, but he never had his chance," she said. Since 2016, Billy is gone and it's possible barely anyone cares. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. QUESTION: What was the weather like on the evening of the 8th, do you recall? Bill Daniels Instagram While the accomplished actor has had many successes throughout his career, he describes his wife as his "biggest win in life." ANSWER: Yes, I seen Miss Folgers Firebird. WILLIAM GARRETSON, caretaker at Cielo Drive. I never heard of a single religious grandmother who'd be down with all that, especially not a Protestant. At the end of the podcast #39, Garretson explains who this Rosie is that he keeps talking about. QUESTION: I show you Peoples 17 for identification, Mr. Garretson, and draw your attention to the passengers side of the car. She was Billy's second wife. And he was high profile. You can ask him if he said that, and let the jury decide whether it impeaches him or not. Maybe he tried women's wigs first and failed. Billy grew up without a father in this tidy little home. Billy, how'd you meet that mobster? That seems not likely but I base that on my own laziness and regard for comfort. Billy studies business and is on the wrestling team but absent from the team photo. Just like Cielo. Ann Garretson born 22 Feb 1750 4. Bury me in your Joyce, mo dhearthir. ANSWER: The line was dead. He was COMPLETELY passed out and, loudly snoring when we came upon himhowever, he wasn't alone!! Even with the stereo on in the guesthouse, it is extraordinary that Bill did not hear this. 19 year old William Garretson is released because of lack of evidence he was originally the prime suspect in the murders of Sharon tate . "When I saw on TV they'd arrested Bill, I was flabbergasted because I couldn't believe it. QUESTION: But throughout the night you were awake? Bill did hint during his interview with LAPD that Abigail and Voytek were concerned about this. All Rights Reserved. !when they ask Billy during his polygraph if he ever had sex with a man, and Billy replies that he has, I notice that many researchers harmonize that statement with the blowjob taleActually, it's not researchers that do the harmonizing, it's Garretson himself. QUESTION: is this the walk that you took back to the guest house? MR. BUGLIOSI: Peoples 16 for identification. QUESTION: Is this called the guest house? QUESTION: Well, if you were in another room of your guest house, could you have heard it? He is from USA. After Parent gave Garretson a ride back to the estate the young caretaker thanked him. (A historical marker located in Waterloo in Monroe County, Illinois.) William Garretson was born on August 24, 1949 in Lancaster, Ohio. QUESTION: Did everything seem to be in order? Thanks for the time you spend crafting your pieces, GreenWhite, and may the ink in your pen never run dry. Do you know what is shown in that photograph? Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, Manson Exposed: A Reporter's 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder, CHARLES MANSON: Helter Skelter; The Entire Life Story, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties, The Long Prison Journey of Leslie Van Houten: Life Beyond the Cult, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson, The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, Manson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of The Most Dangerous Man Alive by Charles Manson. He later said that he had stayed up until the early morning hours listening to music until he passed out from exhaustion. I still have yet to hear anything that even nudges me towards a belief that LE was found wanting, so when objections are levelled in that direction, even hints of it, I'll sometimes just point out what I can see as LE's logic in the moves they made.But that's just one side of the equation.starviego said:And how did he acquire a new car at all?Now that's a good question.But in the grand scheme of things, hardly of earth shaking importance.Is it cynical to ponder why on earth it's of any relevance what William Garretson was doing for some months before he found himself the only breathing individual in the midst of a savage slaughter ?And does it matter where he went when he was released from jail ? If you read through Billy's. Why I shouldn't eat this or that, what about on Saturday though, basic stuff. QUESTION: He left about 15 minutes after midnight; is that what you are saying? A model year Camaro at home though and he hitches across the country with pocket change? He has no connection with these proceedings. QUESTION: if you were standing at the door that you usually go in and out of, can you hear people in the area of the pool? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In a moment, we'll discuss a second and just as interesting block of missing time at the end of Billy's stay in California and its possible effects on his eventual testimony. They took me across. Or computer by now. He might have been in Ireland. Both of Kathleen's sisters, and Luther, even tho he looks like Slingblade in his mugshot, were good looking people. ANSWER: In mid-March until the incident occurred. Even if you stand firm in other beliefs, it's interesting that we might have a block of missing time in Billy's California life as told in the narrative. Just a loving mama safely holding her tiny baby like she did back when their lives had hope. Her appearance, the fact that her oldest child is also a Charles, and looks amazingly like Charlie. ANSWER: It wasnt raining or anything, I think it was a clear night. THE COURT: Mr. Fitzgerald, we will adjourn at this time until Monday at 9:45 am. ANSWER: No. QUESTION: Have you ever lived at the address, 10050 Cielo Drive in the City of Los Angeles? If you're wondering, I solve the mystery behind August 8th today, so make sure you read through until the end! Or even resemble it at times. Hit Matt up. If you live near any kind of mountain/valley situation, pay a visit and give it a go - it's quite surprising. We are not interested in what the witness usually did. The trauma of what William witnessed led him to turn down multiple interview offers with the press that would have given him hundreds of thousands of dollars. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. No cause of death is listed but she suffered from genetic heart issues. Billy and Wife #1 have a child while living at this address. I mean, conversation with other people. Billy could've been a waiter or a bartender or a whatever if he had a problem with being a male prostitute. Charlie's grandpa was also a railroad man and likely got Bill the job. Garretson, then 19 and fresh from Ohio, served as caretaker and. QUESTION: What time was it that you actually went to bed, went to sleep that is? Police tried to hold onto him for as long as possible as they had absolutely no other leads and he was the only person found alive on the premises. QUESTION: Did you have your windows open in the guest house? Does anyone consider a bj sex? We were traveling with another band that supported us for the entire tour. Did he talk to you, in other words? He described Garretson as everybody's friend, and a nice, quiet guy. What did he do, and how did he support himself? THE COURT: The motion is granted. evening, during the months of March, April, May, June, and July? Plus, I hate to say it but I think my early Wesleyan training got to me. May it be marked Peoples 20 for identification? Warrington Monthly Meeting had been established in 1730 and many of the early meetings were held in the home of William Garretson, according to "Inventory of Church Archives" published by the Society of Friends. May it be marked as Peoples 17 for identification? When he was there, he said he'd been up two nights solid {no pun intended} and he had no awareness of any sexual activity. Randy Groff, Lancaster City Council member, knew Garretson as far back as elementary school. William Garretson born 11 Mar 1748, married to Mary Wethersed 3. QUESTION: Did he take the radio with him when he left? Maybe some of the Gen Z'ers too. Kids from Lancaster are tough. QUESTION: I show you Peoples 19 for identification. QUESTION: When Mr. Parent made this phone call, did you hear him talking to anyone on the other end of the line? QUESTION: You have heard of the Spahn Movie Ranch or you havent heard of the Spahn Movie Ranch? QUESTION: I notice there is a little walk right here? We're getting ahead of ourselves. While Charles Manson was commissioning the LaBianca murders to cover his tracks, it also led police to rule William out as a suspect, as the LaBianca murders occurred while he was in custody. Where was Billy for those seven days after being released from jail? MR. BUGLIOSI: May we approach the bench, Your Honor? Hollywood glitterati panicked. QUESTION: During that period of time, did you know who was living in the main house? He was given a polygraph examination on August 10, 1969, and that had effectively eliminated him as a suspect. He was the caretaker of the Polanski residence, 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. Senior Photo. Which is probably true anyway but whatever. And over the years I've been following this blog we have had any number of inchoate, inarticulate and frequently obscene babblings which are best left uncommented. ANSWER: Well, then they drug me onto the patio and threw me down on my stomach. She's never talked much about her bio family. Casparus Garretson and his wife lived at Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, De. 11th Grade. The Garretsons. beauders saidDidn't he claim he slept through a blowjob on a train?No, "the big city." Garrison really suffered trauma. A couple thousand? You can visit Sherman's. All rights reserved. York to Bedford. Shoutout to Linda up in Heaven for her kindness. QUESTION: Mr. Garretson, do you recall having a conversation with officers of the Los Angeles Police Department on or about August the 10th, 1969, at Parker Center, which is located at 150 This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. After testifying in the Manson family trials in 1970, William ended up moving back to his hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. He says he doesnt know the defendants. In an Aug. 11, 1969, article, Garretson's mother told Eagle-Gazette staff she refused to believe her son committed the horrendous crime, citing that her son had only ever stolen some candy from a store as a child, but that all children do that. . Second, "Off to another aunt and uncle." QUESTION: Did you have any visitors that night in your guest house? QUESTION: Did they bark when Mr. Parent arrived that night? QUESTION: Did the dogs ever bark when the visitor was entering the gate of the Tate residence? When questioned, Garretson said he was unaware of the murders until police burst into his bedroom and led him to the bloody bodies of Frokowski and Abigail Folger, lying on the lawn, and Steven Parent, slumped over the wheel of his car. Ladies and gentlemen, do not converse among yourselves nor with anyone else on any subject relating to this case nor form or express any opinion regarding this case until it is finally submitted to you. You know already that no one escapes this darkness unscathed. Distractify is a registered trademark. QUESTION: Can you hear people swimming or anything? And if so, why would he go to Los Angeles and not San Francisco? I am in possession of what purports to be a transcript of an interview with Mr. Garretson at 4:25 pm, on August 10th, 1969, where this witness was asked about the events that took place on August 8th and 9th. That is a question that can be answered yes or no. Did Billy split for the West Coast so he could be gay without his mom running the vacuum in the living room while he got his groove on behind his locked bedroom door? Billy tells Bugliosi in court that he moved out of Cielo Dr. on August 9th. We have had (and still have) quite a few posters who write clearly and effectively (it would be invidious to single out anyone in particular). If this concerns you click read more. He later married Linda Derr, and the pair had a son together. Do you know what is shown in that photograph? Thank you, Proteus. I think you have the right to go into it if there is any possibility of impeaching. QUESTION: And you talked over there, correct? I read this blog partly for insight and partly for entertainment. QUESTION: You didnt realize that his name was Frykowski and that he was not related to Mr. Polanski? Miriam Garretson born 23 May 1755, married Vincent Parsons 6. QUESTION: Approximately how far is the couch from the door? Immediately, the cops assumed they had caught the murderer and cuffed William, then paraded him past . He said so in his testimony. He was held for questioning over the weekend and released after police said there was just no evidence against him. John Garretson. QUESTION: How loud were you playing your stereo? I went to the bedroom and got another phone and plugged it into the wall. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Try to lead the proceedings down blind alleys. But we are in the place where no sense makes sense. QUESTION: Ok. Did you eventually fall asleep? People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. A carving fork was protruding from Leno LaBiancas stomach, and the word WAR was cut in his flesh. MR. BUGLIOSI: I have here another photograph showing the front side of the residence. Ireland was in a place to clearly hear the voice at a very significant distance. The orders are so large that my friend's company delivers in a big diesel reefer truck that typically backs onto loading docks. It was nothing, you know, to be alarmed about nothing or anything. QUESTION: He actually owned the guest house? We will update William Garretson's Height, weight, Body Measurements, Eye Color, Hair Color, Shoe & Dress size soon as possible. Maybe two counting when the police let him go. Please don't stay forever angry, Mrs. Billy #1. Letting an older gay guy blow you hardly amounts to being gay oneself and certainly does not suggest that one is some kind of street hustler. That was when I just turned 18; and, well what the story was, I was with this one kid that, you know, I knew, and he went and bought these girls a beer, and I happened to be with him when he was in the store, so I was charged for it. You're right and good point. When Mrs. Polanski came back, yes, it was there. ANSWER: I dont believe I ever saw that many, no, around the pool. QUESTION: How long would the gate stay open? You are ordered to return Monday, Mr. Garretson. I had the back door open on the patio by the stereo. QUESTION: Did Mr. Parent engage in a conversation with you about the identity of two women within the main house? First, I found her phone number from 2002 on Ancestry. "Garretson also let friends stay at the guest house. Something like that. The attempt fails. MR. SHINN: Move to strike the last portion of his answer as not responsive. Keep the jury focusing on something other than what the prosecution wanted them to focus on. QUESTION: All right, what happened when you got down to Sunset Boulevard? QUESTION: Will you please step down from the witness stand, sir, just temporarily, and indicate where in the living room the stereo was. The Manson relative connections are very interesting and, hopefully you can reveal a bit more about these relationships to us. There's no man hanging around to give Billy his name and then abandon him. Husband of Helen Garretson. "I have attempted to contact one girl that Bill was reported to have known in LA. QUESTION: Did you enter through the gate or did you enter through Bella Drive? MR. FITZGERALD: By way of an offer of proof I am in possession of what purports to be a transcript of an interview with Mr. Garretson at 4:25 pm, on August 10th, 1969, where this witness was asked about the events that took place on August 8th and 9th. Nathan Hussey and Ann, his wife; John Garretson and Content, his [second] wife; Christopher Hussey and Ann, his wife; John Day and . Is this the entrance here? QUESTION: Had you known Mr. Parent prior to this occasion? ANSWER: I could not really say. Personally I thought she was most effective low in the mix. MR. FITZGERALD: Certainly I will do that. That'd be my bet. QUESTION: Another photograph of the living room, is that correct? More About WILLIAM GARRETSON: Occupation: Weaver Notes for MARY A. FRAIZER: Gary Hawley <> I know the story as it's told has Billy thumbing a ride to California sometime in 1968, but we are unable to produce an Ohio address for him between late spring of 1967 and early 1970. Was never hard to get a ride either. QUESTION: And you had a TV dinner in the other? Focusing on Garretson's immediate past, as one who survived the murders without a physical scratch, was part of that game and therefore, Bugliosi and Stovitz were of a mind to shut down quickly any loopholes.They also had their ammunition to counter the defence deflection; what Astrocreep refers to as "death by a thousand cuts." "I can't believe there was so much evil in one person," she said. QUESTION: When you say they, who are you referring to? 2023 QUESTION: Just July and August, yes. QUESTION: This is the only other time that you had seen him prior to this evening? Their son was born with a heart condition and he ended up dying after his third open-heart surgery. You hit the nail on the head. QUESTION: So you did hear Christopher barking, isnt that correct? I was sharing my experiences in SoCal canyon settings and relating them to the verbiage in the opening of the HS book and the police reports those comments were based on. Or maybe Lee Marvin. Content apart, I like GreenWhite's style. MR. BUGLIOSI: Your Honor, I have here another photograph of the interior of a car. Let's back up a bit. Rich people don't want contact with the hoi polloi. ANSWER: Well, I usually get up around 1:00 pm in the afternoon . William Garretson was the caretaker for the 10050 Cielo Drive House that Sharon and Roman were renting. I'd at least take the bus with some of my Camaro money. QUESTION: Did you hear anything like that on the evening of the 8th or the early morning hours of the 9th? William Place. QUESTION: All right, from the guest house . the mystery of the caretaker at Cielo Drive, Just after midnight on August 9th, 1969, four members of the Manson Family approached the property at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. Impromptu writing workshops also routinely take place if you're the typing sort and wish to post. He was running low on money when he was hired to be the caretaker for the residence that eventually became the site of the brutal murders. ANSWER: I told him to be quiet. Her/our family is famous in Scottish lore, and Mel Gibson played our most famous historical relative in a movie mostly every Boomer, Gen X'er, and Millennial reading this has watched, heard of, or seen in memes. QUESTION: Do you know any of the defendants in this case, Defendants Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten? Lovely digs. And so, you know, after that I was going to go back to Ohio"Q You been arrested for Possession?A Yes.Q What else?A Well, back in Ohio, I got--I don't know if it would be a misdemeanor or what; it was, uh, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Anything I recall is freely available out there to anyone. She also said he loved his work at the home of film director Roman Polanski.

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