I didnt have to worry. During my tour in the Army I had a black line On my cheek as if it was drawn on with a pencil. And you have a long, right-side lever to drop the slide. Classic, NOT the AR Hybrids. Empties will zip off to the left, away from your face so no Hot Brass Two-Step need be performed. If you have a pint-sized southpaw who is clamoring to shoot, the Rascal offers a perfect option for him or her. This leads to losses, and there have been many during the pandemic: Remington firearms all but disappeared; CZ discontinued their big 550 Mauser action, and Mossberg dropped their mirror-image slide-action shotgun. It works for you, maybe not others. $1,718.99. Several manufacturers produce a large number of left handed bolt action rifles. Even though my Springfield XDM isn't fully ambi, I do like its ergonomics enough to want to acquire an XDM Elite (which is full ambi). Thanks for writing! Why? This rifle is in great condition and features a 18 inch heavy barrel, B5 Systems pistol grip, BCM foregrip, and a Geissele trigger. I like double action semi-automatics and am not bothered by two different trigger pulls, but resisted the CZ-75 decockers until I finally broke down, tried one, and realized my thumb crossed over to operate the decocker as easily as if I were holding the handgun in my right hand. Thank you so much for your sympathy empathy and understanding of we the 6%ers. I dont even think about it. Kali Parmley of Gun Dog Magazine talks to George Thompson from Benelli USA about the new features from the Benelli line in 2023. Can't understand why the righties insist I take the far-left position on the firing line. Its worth noting that the Ruger M77 African in .375 Ruger is currently just about the only production big-bore available in left-hand action. For $400, this gun is a steal. I really do appreciate this article, it has helped me to best navigate handguns that a lefty can use. Ohh Tikka is imported by Beretta so that's why I am writing this. History failed to remember that the members of the mounted Calvary would have had their saber in their right hand and the pistol in the left. I could spend this whole writing venture on that storied company alone. There are a lot of great guns out there for left-handed shooters, including this Rock River LEF-T AR. Thank you for your insight, and thank you for sharing. Worth mentioning that the slide rides in the frame, not on it this lowers the bore axis, which can help with recoil and accuracy. Mine is one of Rock Rivers early southpaw rifles, 16-inch barrel with short forend. Who hasnt heard of Browning guns? Given its lineage and H&Ks many years of proven manufacturing prowess, the VP9 is the answer to many questions asked about what constitutes a top-quality carry pistol. Winchesters Super X series shotguns gained an enviable reputation for speed, in both handling and cycling. Ejection and loading port and operating handle are oversize, allowing easy operation with gloves. Remington Model 700 CDL. Not all the model variants offer a mirror image, but that growth has not neglected lefties. ARs are not a problem either - we just adapt when the controls arent ambi. It has ambidextrous mag drop and thumb safety. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. (Example, the Ruger cross-bolt safety works backwards for me). For example, Im so used to reaching under the trigger guard to push the safety on my Remington shotguns off that I would be confused to use a gun with a left-hand safety. Second, they generally don't bother to advertise what little they do make. The center of the butt is about three-eighths of an inch left of the center of the barrels. I am a cross eye dominant shooter( left eye dominant and right handed) so this is just what I needed in my life. FN is a great manufacturer with quality firearms. No iron sights, instead it has a 30 MOA Picatinny rail strip provided. I'm also a big fan of Beretta's rifles for the same reason. I have a Browning BAR in 30.06 Other calibers include .30-06 and magnums for those that need stronger medicine. Add to Compare. Add to Compare. I can comfortably run about any handgun with adjusted technique but my favorite 'left hand friendly' pistols are the FNX-45 Tactical, S&W M&P 9 and Canik TP9 Combat Elite. I think a Glock 19 with a charging handle may fill the bill. For many years, Savage prided themselves for offering all versions of the 110 in both right and left-hand bolt. Maybe someone out there might know of an altered Glock-compatible frame set up this way? In the event of a catastrophic failure, hot gases and shrapnel are directed to the right (and/or down), away from the shooters face. Every control is fully ambidextrous and the mag release levers are longer than they are on a VP9. Two others are left handed Anschutz rifles a 64 Silhouette and a 54 action Free Rifle both also 70s or early 80s vintage. Savage Model 110 . Her being left handed. The Gen 5 G19 ditches the finger grooves and introduces a newer, textured grip. Whether seeking the glossy high-grade deluxe models, ultralight versions, or anything in between, lefties dont have to sacrifice build quality and features. three backstraps and two grip panels accompany the VP9. I went with the Glock 19 gen 5. Kevin Steele of Petersen's HUNTING is with Dawn Wehunt of Rock River Arms INC. learning about the new Ascendant platform. Introduced in 2009, the P-07 was their modern interpretation of the venerable CZ-75. Pistol As mentioned in the article I LOVE my H&K VP9. Notify When In Stock. With all that said, I will agree that in the event of a catastrophic failure, I would sooner be shooting right handed. Available in a left-handed model, this rifle incorporates one of the smoothest actions on today's hunting market. Years of development and pushing the limits of what is possible in a rifle optic have led up to this moment. Add to Wish List Add to . But damn it, what an amazing piece! Though a relatively new design among bolt-action rifles, Brownings X-Bolt platform has exploded in recent years. Many firearms are (more or less) ambidextrous in operation, such as side-ejecting lever-actions, pump guns, and semiautos, but that rarely exercised safety margin remains absent if used from the wrong side. You cant go wrong with a Glock when all is said and done. The waterfowl models are also offered in 26 or 28-inch barrels all with 3 -inch chambers. Today, Weatherby makes two models: the Mark V and the Vanguard, a lesser-expensive rifle. How many left handed .22's are there? Best Hunting Rifle: Nosler Model 21; Best Precision Rifle: Bergara Premier MG Lite; Best Value Rifle: Mauser M18; The Rest of the Best Rifles of 2023. Essentially custom guns, the Weatherby rifle was available in proprietary calibers early on, which are still available today. Yes the loading gate is on the right side so so the gun is in left hand it is reloaded with ejection and loading with the right hand. Are you a Southpaw? For todays black rifle shopper, it offers one of the most accurate sniper systems available and one of the most iconic rifles ever made. The hunting rifle will provide you with a degree of dependability and accuracy that almost no other model can equal. I love my Kel-Tec RDB! It seemed to me that having a rifle or two that I could learn to shoot left-handed along with my wife might be a good idea. The Mossberg 500 & 590 series have an ambi safety (still RH eject though). Top 6 Best Handguns for Left-Handed Shooters in 2023 Reviews IWI Masada - Best Value for Money Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters Walther PDP - Best Daily Carry Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters CZ P-07 - Best Conceal Carry Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters Glock 19 Gen 5 - Most Versatile Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters Topped with a Leupold 4-12X scope in Weatherby-marked Talley Rings, the .257 was zeroed at 200 yards, with only a 9-inch drop at 400 yards! First, as the author pointed out, they generally stick to plain vanilla offerings. anything extra and your Ruger makes more guns than any other American gunmaker, so its not surprising that they would make left-handed versions of their popular sellers. Whether you need a hunting rifle or home defense gun, any of the above models would make a great addition to your gun safe. 'That's awful! One just has to click a button on the side of the receiver to change which direction the brass ejects. The gun is not truly ambidextrous, to be fair the slide lever is port-side only. The BERETTA ARX100 is 100% ambidextrous, from the safety switch, bolt catch, and even shell ejection from the right or left side, I love shooting it being a lefty. You'll now receive newsletters of our best articles on techniques, And thats what were exploring today left-handed rifles and pistols. It was a joyous day for left handed bullpup enthusiasts when KEL-TEC made the RDB. For more information, visit stagarms.com. If I update this piece, I'll be sure to include one. what's the big deal?' Seller: DENVER GUN ROOM. Beretta is the parent company for Benelli and Franchi. People are going to have their own opinions on which is best. We'll send you the latest guides and training tips geared The new shotgun is lighter, with slimmer pistol grip, and has oversize bolt handle, safety, and bolt release button, and a larger trigger guard. That said, Right Handed AR style BOLT actions, are great for Lefties, because your dominant hand stays on the control (just like in tactical training), AND you don't get the top of your Left thumb removed when working the bolt, AND the safety is in the same place as your AL. Choose from a variety of calibers, barrel lengths, actions, and other options to find your one of a kind rifle. The Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) is available in several configurations. Like it so far (after a mod or two, cheek weld mainly). It costs around 50 bucks for a frame. Married for almost 40 years, Mike and his wife teach adult education in their home county and have four sons with their families, totaling 10 grandkids. There are few guns out there that are truly lefty friendlybut dont worry, lefty models exist. She sure will take some retraining, but for my dream rifle, it will be worth it! You talk about a beretta for crying out loud and mention the Sig as an afterthought. Hell, if you wanted just a smidge more concealability you can buy an APX compact frame. Over the years, it has been available in a number of chamberings, with the most common being .223 Rem/5.56 NATO. Sporterized Mauser 98, chambered in .270Winchester with 24" barrel and mounted UNIVERSAL 3-9 scope in a left handed stock. [both "toss left"], I feel pretty strongly that the biggest distinction between a firearm qualifying as "Ambi" or "Left-Handed" is whether it "tosses left" or "tosses right", so any firearm that ejects empties to the right can't be called "Left-Handed" & is, at best, "Ambi". EvaluateAdaptOvercome! Ones that I do own and feel accommodate lefties. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The magazine release is ambidextrous (both sides). I have always just used right handed rifles. 32 Firearms. For Beretta fans, this pistol is definitely a great option. In shotgun parlance, a bend to the right, for a right-handed shooter, is cast off. To the left is cast on. You guessed it: The Bobwhite Southpaw has a cast-on stock for left-handed bird hunters. Remington. Hand-Picked Daily GUN DEALS, and Exclusive Coupons Codes >>>. He played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster upside down. Thanks for writing! It is the predecessor to the actual CTR lineup. Based on Jeff Coopers visualization of the perfect scout rifle short barrel, box magazine for quick reloads, open aperture rear sight, all in a serious caliber the Scout performs well and looks great. It means their controls can be used with both hands without any modifications. The non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor has a fixed blade-type ejector that ejects empty cases as the bolt is moved backward, so no more dodging casings on your non-dominant side. Its got the absolute smoothest bolt I have ever come across from factory or anywhere. Beretta's Model 686 Silver Pigeon is a sporter's dream and moonlights for upland . Christensen Arms Ridgeline If there's one thing we can say about the Ridgeline from Christensen Arms, it's that it caters to left-handed rifle shooters who need plenty of variety in terms of caliber. This 12-ounce, 2-inch-barreled .38 Special is based on Charter Arms Undercover Lite only in mirror image. Barrels are 28-inches, with three choke tubes provided (all for both lead and steel). Introducing the Veracity PH from Burris, the perfect combination of reliability, quality, and technology delivering a simple aiming solutiona tool for the hunter that just works. The takedown lever in front of the trigger guard makes the process painless. "Whoops, you only need just one". Here are 7 top left-handed handguns that should be on your radar. In addition to its looks, the Gunsite Scout has a few other features going for it. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Also Charging handle slides through to the other side (thru the ejection port) if one needs to change from one side to another. So, its appropriate that the Ruger 10/22 would be the first mirror-image left-hand .22 semiauto. The Henry is a modern production version of the Air Force's Armalite survival rifle and works just fine. So, its nice that more and more guns can now be enjoyed by everyone not just righties. Theres even a single-shot youth rifle in .243 Win with a 22-inch barrel and lesser length of pull, which is also ideal for any small-framed shooters and not just youngsters. So far, its a very complete side-by-side hunting shotgun, at an amazingly low price of about $750. Its also proven to withstand 100,000 lbs./sq. If you are a fan of traditional DA/SA pistols, you might want to check out the P-07 or one of its many variants from CZ they are truly well-built guns. First choice a glock really? I could see this rifle going on a deer hunt in .243, .308, or .270. On that third point, most people learn to shoot as kids, with a .22 rifle. The only RH gun I ever got rid of was my Tavor because the brass was hitting me in the chin, burning me and causing occasional jambs. Serrations run across the whole of the slide. It cost me a little more but it was well worth it as the rest of my family are RH. Big Green has been making a variety of shotguns for left-handers for decades. How did the H&K P30 variants not make the list? gear. I found your article in my search to find a semi auto hand gun I can work with my compromised right hand and still be efficient. Remington Society. My test rifle shot like a dream, as a Ruger Custom Shop gun should. Cant believe the p320 isnt in here. This line, however, also offers more left-handed options than almost any other manufacturer on this list. Yup. Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced . Before I start throwing photos of guns at you, we need to define a left-handed gun. Switch out the back strap and change the palm swell side panels for a custom fit. Select what level shooter you are! Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The AUG offers both short and long Picatinny rails for mounting your choice of optics and you can choose between an integrated 1.5x optic or an integrated 3x optic. I like the paddle style mag release too. Barrels are 28 inches, with screw-inch chokes (five choke tubes supplied). Yeah, those ejection issues are real. Get proficient on YOUR time. mag.) The password should contain at least 8 characters with at least one number or special character. Our Best Deals Are Right Here. Check out our round-up of the Best Left-Handed AR-15s. Taurus 24/7 G2 is a great little pistol for lefties. Its laminated stock is set off by the stainless barrel. Its most popular guns, the 870, 1100, 11-87, and VersaMax are all configured for lefties in a smattering of different gauges. You forgot one of my favorites! The gas-operated SX4 has a back-bored barrel with Invector Plus interchangeable choke tubes. Brownings X-Bolt opts for a three-lever Feather Trigger. On top of this, the rifle delivers accuracy and adjustability due to the Savage AccuTrigger, floating bolt head, and customizable length-of-pull. Anyhow, browsing the web for left handed rifles I found your article/s this evening. Most repeating firearms eject to the right, for the right-handed majority. This is what you get when a right handed person tries to decide what's best for you.The two best options a completely ambidextrious, and a gun designed specifically for left handed are the bottom of the list. Click below for a FREE LESSON! This line never went away until I was out of training and not shooting daily. Optionsare sweet, with lefties in the Guide Gun, African, and Hunter platforms in a variety of chamberings. However, for those who have left-handed family members, there is strong argument for left-handers using left-handed firearms. Kimber offers a wide selection of classic sporting, hard-core hunting, unique varmint and no-compromise tactical rifles. Ive found my left-handed resolve in the form of the AK platform. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. This upper is built around an 18-inch 416R stainless heavy barrel. There are a few really ambidextrous pistols in the market. The companys nine-lug bolts are some of the strongest in the business. my wife is left handed, doesn't like the noise of a 9MM, and ideas for lefties for pistols that she can open carry while hiking? Whether Im a fan or not, 65% of American police agencies use Glock for a reason they tend to work. Savage make an excellent L/H bolt action rifle. The X-Bolt is designed with a three-lug bolt, rotary drop-box magazine, and bolt-unlock button. The guns ship with two safety levers. Twenty years ago, virtually none. And it's not often you can find a good quality left-handed pistol at such a low price as the NO9. Shop Left Handed Rifles Now Our Left-Handed Rifle Collection RIDGELINE SUB-MOA GUARANTEE | 6.3-6.8 LBS | RETAIL $1,995 Learn More MESA SUB-MOA GUARANTEE | 6.5-7.3 LBS | RETAIL $1,295 Learn More RIDGELINE TITANIUM SUB-MOA GUARANTEE | STARTING AT 5.8 LBS | RETAIL $2,495 Learn More MESA TITANIUM SUB-MOA GUARANTEE | STARTING AT 6.1 LBS | RETAIL $1,795 People can hate on Beretta all they want, but the Centurion is an amazing weapon that should get the credit it deserves. Ive already said that break-open guns are ambidextrous, so what makes the Southpaw a southpaw? Likewise, fewer still can match the quality and reputation for customer service of Henry Repeating Arms. For sale is a Radian Model 1 semi-automatic rifle in .223 Wylde. Im surprised you left out the Colt Single action revolver. Lefties and cross-dominants face similar AND different issues. Ive also worked RH bolt guns with my left hand when locked in a sling, and with my right hand when not. Theres no palm swell to muddy the waters. Ruger has announced the Model 31110 Left-Hand Competition Rifle. Springfield and even straight 1911's (most of the ones I have tried) are more kind with the backsplash and brass then the Glocks are. Ive noticed in the short period I have had the gun, that I always grab the forward serrations for this exact reason. Great Left-Handed Guns, Great Features. $75 for insured shipping No sales or shipping to California, Hawai .Click for more info. This rifle was once available in 15 calibers, but that has since been pared down to seven. Out of Stock. Check out our full review of the HK VP9 or peep the video review below. The bersa trp9 has safty, slide release and I think mag releases on both sides of gun. Scott, I've owned a few 10/22s over the years and have one now. Rich, I've been a lefty for over 70 years. We've gathered a list of the left-handed uppers we think work the best. My personal favorite rifle I currently own is a Tikka T3 Scout CTR. Ruger has been a good friend to we lefties, offering both the economical American and M77 bolt-action in mirror image versions. He lives in rural Indiana where he has a backyard target range. It features the Savage AccuTrigger, scope bases, and a manual safety. As long as you can live without controlled round feed, their special order department can build a bolt action for almost any cartridge you might want. Kali Parmley, Editor-in-chief of Bakccountry Hunter speaks with Bret Maffet of Franchi Firearms to discuss the all new Momentum All Terrain Elite. It's a real shame that the APX series (mostly by no ones fault but Beretta themselves) hasn't had the opertunity to excell. The Rock River LEF-T is a true mirror image, ejection port and bolt assist on the left; safety on the right side, easily accessible with the left thumb. The 5.56 NATO Stag Arms Stag 15 SPR delivers a lightweight AR-15 platform that doesnt scrimp on rigidity or accuracy. Shooting pistols is still do-able, but rifles have been a big challenge the last dozen years. It makes a difference, shouldering smoothly, shooting eye looking right down the center of the tapered, stippled rib. Its just as ambi capable as the others (source: Im lefty who owns one). I know I have one. It also includes a 30-round PMAG. Yes, I know you can have a left-hand bolt installed, but I opted to swap the Tavor for a CZ Bren - another right handed rifle. For those of you who don't know, they have ambidextrous mag releases as well as the passive safeties on the butt and and trigger. This line, however, also offers more. The Remington 1100 is one of the company's most well-built autoloaders. I think I can manage a standard AR. I'm a right eye dominate, obligate (due to loss of right hand fingers) left handed shooter. Im left handed and didnt see any guns here that would be on my list. Even though Im not a strong fan of the Austrian pistol, I acknowledge its popularity and reliability. There are plenty of left-handed rifles on the market. One of the first companies to fill the void and still do it well to this day was Rock River Arms. The SX4 left-hand is so new I havent had a chance to shoot one yet, but I look forward to fixing that soon. Bobby, the guns are in no particular order. There are degrees of eye dominance, but there is sound argument for shooting on the dominant side, simply because most sighting systems rely heavily on use of one eye. Ruger offers variations on the Gunsite Scout to include different calibers (.308 Win, .350 Legend, .450 Bushmaster) and blue or stainless finish and stocks. Due to the ejection issues mentioned, I've never owned an auto pistol. This British target rifle was manufactured in both right and left handed versions by hand, no CNC back then. The first (and most obvious) would be those guns manufactured from the get-go to be left-handed. I have no issues shooting the Glock 17,19,43x or 48 left handed. But the hot brass that went down my t-shirt in the prone position was worse. Ive owned two different Charter Arms revolvers, and they work as advertised. Stag Arms 1FL Featureless Left Hand 5.56x45 AR-15 Rifle, Black - SA1FLD . Springfield XDM 45 3.8 Compact Once you learn to use the index finger (that shouldn't be on the trigger anyway) rather than the thumb on magazine releases, for example, and you will swear many handguns are designed to be left handed. I'm eyeing the 9.3x62mm. I'm a regular reader of several firearm publications, but I didn't learn about Browning's left handed BAR's until two years after they'd been discontinued for "lack of interest." You either love them or hate them. While there are not southpaw versions of every 110 model in the catalog, there are plenty to scratch the itch. Zastava is finally, finally, beginning to import their Mauser 98's in quantity, including a left handed model. guns & Thanks for writing! For $435, you could do worse. Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Synthetic Left-Handed. Not to mention, sling swivels, a lock, and a free set of earplugs round out the package. Mike has been shooting, reloading, and bullet casting for over 40 years. Though the heyday of Winchesters levers has passed, the company continues to crank out a selection of models to this day. I was right handed right eyed dominant until I was about 56 and an eye surgeon botched a right retina repair. Stag Arms - The original left handed AR-15 Tromix - Left handed .458 upper Wilson Combat - Left Handed Rifle and Pistol Zev Technologies (Formerly Mega)- Ambidextrous lowers Semi-Automatic Rifles IWI US - Tavor SAR & X95 Beretta USA - ARX100, ARX-160 , Cx4 Storm Desert Tech - MDR Kel-Tec - RFB, RDB , CMR-30, Steyr - Aug A3 Bolt action rifles KelTec RDB, a lefties dream. Savage Arms 110 Storm Left Hand 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle. One lever is a safety that allows cocked and locked carry. Following the success of its initial collaboration with Vertx, Premier Body Armor announces its continued partnership. Rugers 10/22 is the worlds most popular .22 semiauto, more than 10 million produced. MSRP: $889.00. It would be a lot nice if this article was written by a lefty instead of the once removed stories of what someone else likes. P.S. That also includes modern options like carbon-fiber builds, Triggertech triggers, and practical muzzle brakes. With 16 configurations, theres something for everyone. Food for thought. . Not just a snippet in another article. This rifle is STD 6-48 Rem 700 Optics Base Compatible to make it a stalwart hunting companion. These include the Apex Hunter, Tactical, Tactical Desert, Magpul Hunter, Storm, Timberline, Precision, and Elite Precision.

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