The moisture content is high but smokeable in a fresh tin. In a small Stanwell. What else can I say? It might have been many years ago, when I enjoyed Gitanes cigarettes (the ones with the black tobacco). That might have something to do with the age of the tobacco, as I smoke this it has been out of production for three years so this tin is at least that old, but I really couldn't say since I never had the pleasure of trying a fresh tin. I went through three tins very quickly. One star for quality, second for the reminder to smoke slow, but this is one SG I won't be buying again, SG do too many other tobacco's which IMO are far superior. Set back, load a bowl full and watch your troubles float away with the smoke. Even after drying this out it had no real significant taste,though it did smell like an out house that had caught on fire. The smell reminded me of Peterson's Irish Flake, but not near as strong. Either that, or the flavouring is so well matched that it seems to not be overwhelming or floating atop the taste of the tobacco. I found that drying it under a bright light for 15-45 minutes or so until it's a little stiff (but not brittle) brought it to life. I tried Bracken Flake a long time ago, early in my life as a pipe smoker. When I do taste the tobaccos theyre delicious, dark, earthy, spicy Kentucky with a slightly sweet cigar note coming from the air cured. I taste the topping on the back of my palate but, surprisingly, it is not nearly as strong as the tin aroma smells. If you've never had it, it tastes exactly like the tin aroma on the finish. I find it has a much better burn this way and makes for a long enjoyable smoke. But I do know experienced pipe smokers who enjoy this very much. Purchased From: in Sweden. Home Stretch: As end of the bowl approaches, I find that it becomes more intense though never overpoweringly so. With a good rest in the bowl the tobacco will light with relative ease. $ 130.95 inc. GST Smoking Frequency: Weekdays - 3 to 4 pipes per day. We can ship almost anywhere. Frankly, the "soapy" taste leaves me cold. Which is why I usually smoke this in my corn cob - it's the smallest pipe I own. I let it dry for about 15 minutes and proceeded to smoke. 97.99. Bracken ( a slight step up but real dark in tone), and 3. This blend can get away from you if you are not careful with technique. I would not call it an everyday smoke by a long shot, but it is a very unique, flavorful, and strong smoking experience. I can see this becoming a problem for me, as I only have one tin left, and I will open it as soon as I get home Come on in and meet 1792's little brother!!! Samuel Gawith Cob Plug pipe tobacco is the unsliced plug version of Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake. This is a great blend for the experienced smoker, rich, bold and powerful with a unique topping that really adds a one of a kind character. This turn of events might be due to the fact that its pretty dried out. By accessing Badger & Blade, you agree to abide by the Terms of Usage. Unlike, say, GH Dark Flake, Bracken Flake is darker, earthy, lacking the brighter vegetal notes of DF, yet darkly sweet (i.e., molasses/caramel-like). This must be what Bracken is for. 4 Finest Kendal Twist. Email Rich at, he put some aside for you the next time it arrives, he's a good guy. Luckily, the moisture and the thickness of the flake helps a lot to maintain a slow and cool combustion (although it may require some rubbing out otherwise it won't get lit at all). Email Us | (888)366-0345 Account Login Create Account . Even after drying out it took more effort to get it going, and it did not stay lit as long. This is an encouraging thing to me as Condor is not available in the USA anymore. Opening the tin revealed very dark flakes of varying thickness.The aroma is musty,not very plesant to my senses.the flakes required some drying for optimal burn.Slightly rubbed out and with a loose pack the tobacco took to the match quite well.On first light there was a faint flavor of dried apricots and a very lite lakeland scent.The tobacco crowned up quite high and required a lite tamp for the second light.With the second light there were no flavors or aroma noticed. You must be of legal age to purchase tobacco products or smoking accessories on this site. The flavour is glorious, at first I get the aromatics and a mild tobacco taste, with a moderate sweetness. Taste: The scent of of the tobacco is that of an autumn forest; wet earth and moss, decaying leaves and a pine-like odour from the topping. If you're getting into stronger flake tobaccos like Peterson Irish Flake, I would seriously suggest you purchase a quantity of this. Celtic Talisman. Here, however, it is applied sparingly. Mid-bowl:. Lurking in and out you get a periodic Virginia tang. 2017-07-05 UPDATE: well after a year, i can still say that i don't really know what to think of this tobacco sometimes it seems almost tasteless, sometimes it is unbearably piquant at the beginning of the smoke sometimes it develops a great honey-like sweetness, sometimes it remains earthy what remains true all along is: 1) with those mega thick flakes, its hard to prepare 2) if you get smoke in your eyes, you'll regret it, Pipe Used: Savinelli Primo Fumo straight billiard. All round a good enjoyable relaxing smoke but if you smoke it too quickly you will lose the pepper and get burned instead. I almost ruined my pipe! Therefore, IMHO, BF merits four **s! As ever with SG, a little drying out aids the breaking up, packing and smoking. copyright intellectual property of the reviewer and STC Holdings LLC and may not be Almost a crumbly like texture, which surprised me as these things are usually very moist and need to be dried out. Many people compare this to 1792. A bit hard to light staight from the tin, so let it dry out a bit by leaving the tin open over night. The flakes vary from very thick to fairly thin, which seems to be normal for SG flakes, especially in bulk. This was my first try of a dark flake. Posted by Thomas Connelly on 7th Apr 2022. So, I snapped some up, and here's how I find it: Removal of the lid reveals some thin, almost black flakes. This blend is composed by very high quality tobaccos, and so i highly recomended it. A first light is brings billows of rich white smoke, followed with a brief visit of the tamper and then a tamping light. Temporarily out of stock. It does have a considerable nicotine content. Samuel Gawith Pipe Tobacco Bothy Flake DKK 195,- Tax free price DKK 156,- More info Buy now Samuel Gawith Pipe Tobacco Cabbies Mixture DKK 205,- Tax free price DKK 164,- More info Buy now Samuel Gawith Pipe Tobacco CH Flake DKK 195,- Tax free price DKK 156,- More info Buy now Samuel Gawith Pipe Tobacco Fire Dance Flake DKK 195,- 1-800-494-9144 Sign Up for Email Specials Request a Catalog Stay connected and sign-up for emails to get exclusive deals and event info. Very similar. That long used essence is noticeable throughout the bowl. I get hints of unsweetened cocoa and a pronounced woody character overall. No other way to put it. it reminds me of old lady perfume counter smells. Notes: I smoked this in a number of pipes, including a corncob, but I ultimately found it best in my Lakeland-dedicated Ashton, size 2. And yes, this is a Virginia/Burley with flavoring that I find to be delicious. That being said, if you like 1792, you should try this too. The flakes are a beautiful dark brown, and the pouch note is earthy and a heavy sweet with a hint of fruit. EDIT: Since falling head over heels in love with Kendal Cream in the tin I purchased a pound in bulk and what a difference the bulk was compared to the tin. Upon opening, the tin aroma is potpourri-like and I shuddered at the thought of that aroma infecting the smoke. However smokeless products, cigarettes and rolling tobacco has to be hidden away. I can also detect deep Virginias and an underlying nuttiness which I attribute to the air curred Kentucky. No real flavors that jump out at you just a simple medium to strong smoke that really satisfies all my smoking desire. I jokingly refer to this as 1792's little brother. latakia? I heard from a guy on a pipe forum that his local B&M just got a supply of SG tins of the following. The Bracken Flake is a wonderful weed indeed.Upon opening the tin your greeted with an earthy tobacco smell and something that reminds me of clover honey.I dont find the aroma of the long-used essence intimidating,but those around me have commented on it.The flakes are dark and a little moist.This blend is just slightly cased and the fact that only a small amount is used will prevent it from having more than an infinitesimal effect on tobacco ignition and combustion-if any. The stuff smells awful: heavy, sweet, and medicinal. A lot of people say this is just 1792 with a different topping but I strongly disagree. I can only recommend it to people looking for strong experiences with their pipes. The history of tobacco in Kendal starts here, with Thomas Harrison bringing from Scotland not only the secrets of snuff manufacture, but 50 odd ton of second hand equipment all by horseback back in 1792. Comparisons to 1792 are apt in my opinion. Bracken Flake is almost black. Since I'm relatively new to pipe smoking, I tend to rub out my flakes. Ideal in the late autumn or early winter. Need to contact the B&B Team? Lastly, I had trouble keeping this stuff lit and producing an acceptable amount of smoke. Samuel Gawith was the son-in-law of Thomas Harrison, a snuff manufacturer who moved his trade and equipment to Kendal, Cumbria, England from Scotland in 1792. . Stronger than Goliath it packs a punch few will shrug off, but a slow cadence treats the patient smoker to a sunset of impressions. The room note is a little like shoe polish aroma so you won't win any fans when smoking it but it is a good smoke and can be smoked outdoors. Bracken Flake has to be one of the slowest burning blends I've piped, it seems endless! This should be tried by anyone who wants to explore the dark Lakeland flakes. I would recommend it for those who like Haddo's Delight. Free shipping! I've been pretty distraught since I learned it was discontinued, and am making my remaining stash of it last. The burley helps round it out too (but not as round as SG Kendal Cream Flake). Lovers of stronger Lakeland style blends should have this one on the must try list. It comes very moist and needs to be dried. I would certainly not recommend this tobacco to anyone but I know tastes differ and I wish all the best to those who like it.

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