Need help finding the right Door Hardware for your application? Just take some time to look through all of the door knob parts and door hardware parts that we have available. .table_d2e116 td { The doors on the ocean side of the home are completely caulked and painted with no visible air penetrations As are the others. The best company I ever worked with doing a great job. Every Neuma Door with Weather Guard System contains the best combination of performance, durability, security and appearance. Neuma Doors are designed to withstand the impact of extreme weather conditions. Warranty Details for Neuma Door Systems in Owner-Occupied Single Family Homes This Non-Transferable Limited Warranty applies only to the Neuma Patio Door System installed by a licensed and bonded contractor in original own- er-occupied single-family detached homes within the United States. .table_d2e109 { The Building Industry is. Hardware finishes are available in Gold Brass, Original visit was unsuccessful in repair but Eric came out to see whether the company could help me. .table_d2e55 { Remodeled my home in Clearwater Beach Fl which included Neuma doors. Sunday : closed, Contractors license: #999259 6. Post Mullions: Lifetime for original purchaser as long as purchaser owns home. Excellent customer service! The label on the door is 01496 if that helps. Warranty Coverage for Neuma Door System Components Installed in Residential and Com- mercial Applications 1. by Matt Skender Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:54 pm, #12 All handle set finishes are available for both the Tiffany and Royal series. No matter what the issue is, our friendly sliding door repair service can help restore your sliding door to perfect condition. Pocket Door Hardware, Bottom Mount Patio Door Hardware, With our customers We believe doing whats right is more important than doing whats easyalways! } Every product we offer comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a stress-free installation. border: 1px solid; Sounds like there is a installation issue, this cause the doors not line up. 7 years. The only downside was waiting for parts to be ordered and then rescheduling for them to come back. Without a proper sill or sill system, water, air, and other outside elements will be able to enter your home and cause damage. These parts are also called door hardware, which refers to any item attached to a door in order to make it more functional or pleasing to the eye. All hardware components are precisely designed and machined for Neuma Doors. Our showroom hours are Monday - Friday 9-5 Mountain time. Do you know if a representative would come out and that a look? Used your services to renovate and update sliding doors and windows in a duplex we rent in Dana PointWork was done professionally and to the satisfaction of demanding renters. Sunrise Window Replacement Frame and Sash Reinforcement. At SDRC, we strive to provide a high-quality and reliable service to our customers. Ill definitely be using their services in the future! Together, we execute successful projects by coming together as a diverse and cohesive team of driven professionals. border: 0px none; They were professional, efficient and cleaned up after the install. When I told them about the situation, they quickly sent someone out to look at the problem and ordered new glass. border: 1px solid; by andreas Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:24 pm. -->, . Also available option in 6-9/16"*. I will eventually paint my doors but with so little time on the weekends.. hope I was helpful. Fixed all of our issues. Replacement Windows Information and Forum for all brands of windows. Prompt, friendly, clean, respectfulgreat quality. This unit never had an outside key. } The end result was that the door is quiet and smooth! Standard frames are 4-9/16". They were responsive, friendly and professional. I figure whatever is allowing that to happen is the problem..any NUEMA PATIO DOORS Home PREFIT SHEET DOOR DUPLICATIONS* - REPLACE DOOR ONLY NOT FRAME/JAMB SIMPSON MASTERMARK DOORS FIBERGLASS DOORS AND PREFINISH COLORS AND STAINS DOOR CLAVOS NAILS - DENTAL SHELF - SPEAKEASY - STRAP HINGE - FOR FIBERGLASS DOORS - SELF ADHESIVE DOORMERICA INTERIOR DECORATOR DOORS $99.99 border: 1px solid; border: 1px solid; Doors. Dec 3, 2022 Knowledge Title Lock Parts for Gliding Patio Doors Prior to 1999 Article Number 000011824 Details Latch Levers 2-Panel Gliding Patio Door Prior to 1993 - Replace latch lever with original vintage hardware or upgrade to current hardware style. Now the lever handles slide loose from the door constantly. We offer hardware for doors from 50 pounds up to 4400 pounds. A full range of garage door parts, such as brackets, locks, springs and cables, is available at Lowe's. Sometimes a poorly functioning garage door just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Satin Nickel and White handle sets come with an anodized The best team I've ever had working for us..Would use them everytime! Integrity is what earns us credibility. Folding Door System Hardware and Com- ponents: Folding door system hardware: 10 years for the original purchaser, excludes finish All hardware should be maintained as recommended in the care instructions as frequently as necessary. Please advise next step to proceed with the work. } A: There are a variety of different parts to a door handle. .table_d2e162 td { You can tell he was skilled and experienced at the work. The entire point of everything that we do, from repairs and installations to the training of our team members, is focused on providing an excellent customer experience. the best security, available in Satin Nickel and brass only. You may need a garage door replacement or just a simple repair. Within each category, you can find a lot of different styles, finishes, and functions to best suit your needs. Lisa. We at stock Neuma Doors in a large variety of styles and functionality. Home Shop French Door Astragals & Replacement Parts French Door Replacement Parts and Accessories Page 2. -->, . The smaller doors will only require 1 person, whereas the larger doors (heavy) will require 2 people. Pre-finish wood grain is available by special order. Eric is willing to provide good deal. Very professional company! Post Make sure they acknowledge the size because they may make the assumption that it is smaller and only order 1 person they did that with me. When the tech(Rally) arrived, he was professional and explained everything. Very responsive. We do this by ensuring our customers receive the best possible service and that their windows and patio doors are installed, repaired, and maintained perfectly. Barn Door Locks. Add Keyed Locks to your Windows. The Tech was on time. Wall Mounted Doors, Barn Door Hardware, Pocket Door Keyed Locks Excellent work, reasonable price. Mine came with the house so theyre at least 8 years old. The lock turn key broke off. Neuma Doors stands apart as the industry leader in quality and design innovation. Legacy Replacement Door Handles for Vinyl Sliding Doors ORDER TOLL FREE (888) 915-5223 . Stainless steel sill track to reduce friction and prevent corrosion. SmartKey Compatible Quickly and easily rekey the lock while maintaining the highest level of security. Their supplier sent very heavy glass for a large window and I was unable to initially open the window. Thank you. Nan Ya Plastics Corpora- tion USA does not have responsibility, liability, or obligation for, nor will it pay for any removal or in- stallation labor costs for the replacement product. Went the extra step in fixing strip to avoid further service calls. Post Post Post Sergio, I have a Neuma sliding patio door with between-the-glass blind and the glass is broken. In 2007, we purchased nine (9) Neuma Fiberglass Hinged Patio Doors Units varying in sizes from standard (6'8" by 30") door to 8 foot by 12 foot units and had them installed by a Neuma Authorized Dealer. by Doorman Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:59 pm, #14 } I bought a Neuma hinged patio door with the 002 smooth white for interior and exterior. Replacing the wheelsets works as good as new. All these little things are set up, obviously, for the company to grow and do well, but our main purpose is to make a service where were useful in the world. People these days leave no stone un turned to make their home interiors enormously beautiful with high-quality fixtures and other decorative accessories. Slight imperfections in factory applied finishes; surface cracks that do not com- promise the underlaying material are not, considered a defect. Really knows his stuff. French Door Astragals & Locks. Exterior woodgrain is special order., Copyright - 2023 | The Sliding Door Repair Company | All Rights Reserved. 4. border-color: #000000; Here at Direct Door Hardware, we offer a wide range of door knob parts and replacement parts for all door hardware elements. width: 100%; Locking Mechanism: 10 years for the original purchaser, excludes trim finish. Helpful and professional! Sergio, we had Nuema French Double Doors installed (they swing outward); though one door hangs lower than the other door and the latch freezes up and stops working when we see a slight drop in temperature. With a combined 25 years of experience in the industry, Neuma is a name you can trust. Retractable screens have been specially designed for Neuma Doors. Post Provided an accurate estimate for replacement parts and overall tune up of the entire sliding door mechanisms. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Thanks! .table_d2e165 td { Did a great job at a great price. We didnt order it originally with the blinds. With the doors being uneven, i wonder if the freezing of the latch is more du to the doors not lining up. border: 0px none; Stainless tandem rollers under the active panel are adjustable for better installation. Shop now to add elegance and vibrancy to your home. Each Neuma Door System includes compressionmolded, fiberglass door skins, which resists corrosion, rotting, splitting or cracking. Excellent repair of my nice French doors- I was so relieved that they could fix the side window with a new crank, and they matched the other side window crank, so the doors are still symmetrical. Apparently all of the profiles are pultruded fiberglass. Frames are made of composite material with a smooth exterior and interior finish. Neuma Doors is your source for beautiful, durable fiberglass entry doors. Sergio, does Neuma have installers they can recommend? Slight imperfections in factory applied finishes; surface cracks that do not com- promise the underlaying material are not considered a defect. Glass with Mini Blinds: 5 year prorated limited warranty against seal failure only and 1 year warranty of the magnetic com- ponents. 2. Can you help? border: 1px solid; Showing 13-17 of 17 results. .table_d2e55 td { Lasting performance and unmatched protection A must-have for ensuring lasting performance, particularly for 8'0 door systems. Neuma Doors Designed for Impact Impact Resistant Safeguard People and Property As an entry point to your home, it is essential that your patio door provide safety and security as well as protection against incoming weather. Dmfunaro - that quote is high for non impact unless it includes installation. Kept the site clean, cleaned up each evening, explained the process and delivered on time with great quality. I had a wonderful experience with the Sliding Door Repair company. I think they are a Chinese product if I remember correctly. They're all fiberglass. Every one of the product reps we deal with for all of these manufacturers agrees Neuma is the best patio door for the money. If there is alot of sun exposure, I would recommend to paint, the doors will last forever and your protecting your investment. Door frames: Lifetime for original purchaser as long as purchaser owns home. Decorative Glass: 1 year limited warranty against seal failure. Glass with Mini Blinds: 5 year prorated limited warranty against seal failure only and 1 year warranty of the magnetic com- ponents. Impact Glass: 10 year prorated limited warranty against seal failure. Thank you! You mentioned that "There is a piece we use to make the non active panel fixed". How To Make Your Exterior Wood Door Last Longer. One effective way to beautify your home from inside as well as outside is to use custom doors in a variety of sizes, styles, and artworks. No one ever attempted to return my call, not even to help me locate a local distributor. Wet Corp conducted the tests on December 8 & 9, 2008, ALL units tested failed. Warranty Details for Neuma Door Systems in Multi-Family and Commercial Applications This Non-Transferable Limited Warranty applies only to the Neuma Patio Door System installed by a licensed and bonded contractor in (1) residential applications other than original owner-occupied single-family detached homes, and (2) commer- cial applications within the United States, Nan Ya Plastics USA warrants that insulated glass shall be free from any failure or material obstruc- tion of vision due to a failure of the glass seal for the warranty period. Great job, quick service, reasonably priced. border: 6px solid; Composite frames come standard in a smooth finish,woodgrain is available upon request. 9. View More SLIDING PATIO DOORS Gliding Patio Doors Design Features Design Features Click to zoom in Click to zoom in Click to zoom in 1 Advance Interlocking Seal Design 2 Retractable Screen 3 Weep Hole Transom frames: 10 years from date of in- stallation. Actually they also sent another incorrect door but we just had to fir out the wall to get that one to fit. Pedro came by for an estimate but let me know he could take care of the job that day with just a few adjustments. Im very pleased with my experience with the Sliding Door Repair Company. SDRC is a family-owned and operated window and door repair and installation company whose top goal is to provide homeowners with superior services at an affordable price. Sergio my name is Jim Rado and have a home in Port Aransas Texas. When it comes to quality work, products, and partsno one beats us! The 2 repair staff members were wonderful! There are 2 distributors in my immediate central Florida area, I reached out to them and got no help. Nan Ya Plastics Corporation USA does not have responsibility, liability, or obligation, for property damages arising from a Warranty claim on a Neuma Door System. Had an issue with my sliding glass door not locking and the screen door not closing. Factory Painted Finish: 2 years for the original purchaser against deficiencies of blistering, cracking, peel- ing or loss of adhesion. I recommend this service over new door since you avoid the stucco and drywall work(assuming the seals are still good). Would certainly recommend for sliding glass door repairs and serving. by Window4U (IL) Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:03 pm, #3 Warranty Details for Neuma Door Systems in Owner-Occupied Single Family Homes This Non-Transferable Limited Warranty applies only to the Neuma Patio Door System installed by a licensed and bonded contractor in original own- er-occupied single-family detached homes within the United States. They also ordered self closing hinges for my doors. border-color: #000000; Thank you so much! We are proud to handle Door track and Rollers from They removed rust that had accumulated on the door track, and burnished the rail to eliminate friction. However it arrived damaged. Pocket door track, rollers and guides, Legacy Replacement Door Handles for Vinyl Sliding Doors. there is also leakage around the weatherstripping and threshold. Sergio, I have a Neuma door and the spindle between the inside and outside handle broke on one of the doors. The polyurethane foam core is 100% CFC (*Chlorofluoocarbon) -free. I have yet to get them. He still works for NEUMA Doors, though I don't know why, they don't deserve him! I have to say that the doors are REALLY impressive. Thank you!! I needed the outside pane of glass on my bedroom window fixed, which they did and it looks brand new. I ask because I'm wondering if warning people not to buy the doors in coastal areas is a fair assessment? We have houses with open doorways that get boarded up because of Neuma Doors. retractable screens are optional. Very unusual in our busy world. Unsubscribe at any time. width: 100%; There is a piece we use to make the non active panel fixed, if for some reason your doors open while closed, the flush bolts are not fully engaging, thats the reason. You are an amazing professional. Interior woodgrain is standard. Lead times are very long during the current issue we are facing. When replacement door finally arrived it was wrong . Exterior woodgrain is special order, Strong and durable fiberglass skins will not rust, dent, split or rot, Full-length composite edging increase water and moisture protection, The bottom sweeps have superior weather stripping design. I am on South Padre island, TX. NEED HELP WITH PURCHASING WINDSTORM CERTIFIED FRENCH DOORS. Hardware finishes are available in Gold Brass, Satin Nickel, White and Dark Brown, The sidelights on the patio door include flat removable screens, Frames are made of composite material with a smooth exterior and interior finish, Optional woodgrain finish is available. Would it be more accurate to say don't buy the lower grade hardware? very pleased with product and installation. The Sliding Door Repair Company is amazing. My condos windows are of vertical-sliding style and one side of my wall and windows facing sunlight in afternoon.Due to the heat from sun light, after years, some windows wont be able open any more.I have tried to find some experts who will be ablet to fix the issue in vain.All the responses are We do not fix windows. HIGHLY recommend them. Locking Mechanism: 5 years from the date of installation, excludes trim finish. A failed glass seal is defined as one that shows a significant amount of obstruction due to moisture created by a seal failure. Emtek Latches and Strikes REPLACEMENT PARTS Sort By: Emtek LC4-DBLTCH275 - Deadbolt Latch 2 3/4" Backset $11.20. In my case, they had to remove the heavy door, and replace the rolling mechanism. The sliding Door Repair sent a service person to repair and add new rollers, clean all the sliders. We are happy with the doors, the installation and Quality Windows of Oxnard Ca. See glass warranty chart for Generally, Nan Ya Plastics Corp. USA, d/b/a Neu- ma Doors does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage resulting from improper installation, mis- use, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, and alterations or damage caused by others. Thresholds have superior draining systems to . We bought the house a year ago and the door was sticky. DOORS AND WINDOWS INSTALLED in HOMES pictures. Text me at +15622752206 a full picture of only the broken piece so i can order the correct piece for you. None of the others even come close. Neuma Doors uses a patented composite edge design structure, which prevents water from seeping into the door, thus preventing delamination or .

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